What is this?

PitchPosts are conversations with strangers or friends at a specific location. Sometimes that location is very small (think the 10 meter radius of a bus stop), sometimes larger (up to 1km radius). Read the about page for more.

Who can create a PitchPost?

Anyone! Create a PitchPost now (you'll need to be registered).

Do I really need a QR code?

Not at all. But a QR code is an easy way to create a 'shortcut' into the app. You may also find PitchPosts using the map. Need QR Code stickers? contact us.

How do I get a QR code template

Go here!

Can anyone read a PitchPost?

Anyone can see the original post, but you have to be within a PitchPost's 'viewing radius' in order to read the comments. Note: Once you have entered a PitchPost's viewing radius, the comments will be viewable to you for 24 hours. After that it will lock again until you return to the viewing radius.

Who maintains a PitchPost?

The creator of a PitchPost may remove comments or edit the post, even when not in the 'viewing radius'.

How do I save Pi7.ch to my smartphone homescreen like an app

iOS: Click your web browser's 'share' button. Choose 'Add to Home Screen'.
Android: Click the three dots in the upper right-hand corner of your screen. Choose 'Add to Home Screen'.

Are you an enormous company that just wants to steal our data?

My name is Ben Parzybok - here's info about me. & here is information on privacy.

I still don't understand what a PitchPost is

Have a look at the examples page or read the about page.

How do I get a QR Code sticker?

Please contact me, or make your own.

Can I use this to...

The answer is likely yes. However this is a non-commercial project. This is the wrong venue for marketing/selling, and I reserve the right to remove a post that feels scammy. Sorry!

Why does PitchPost keep asking for my location?

If I could make it ask only one time, I would, however this is a limitation of web browser-based applications. Registered members will receive an update when we have an iOS or Android app.


I would love to hear them

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What's with the domain?

At first, I was fascinated with stenciling QR Codes (here's our stencil). QR Codes become increasingly complex with each letter, so I looked for the shortest domain I could find. .ch is a Swiss domain TLD (top level domain). I had wanted to name it Talking Post, but I liked the ambiguity of pitch, which could refer:

  • The steepness of a slope
  • To set up and fix in a definite position (to pitch a tent)
  • The delivery of a baseball to a batter
  • The blood of a tree, if you'll allow my poetics
  • The degree of highness or lowness of a tone
  • A speech one gives to convince someone of something
  • The level of something's intensity
  • To lend your assistance to a task or cause (pitch in)

Who made your logo?

pitchpost logo

The fantastic Matt Moore of m8re.com, who also helped me beta-test. Here's what he had to say about making it:

The logo is based on American folk art motif known by several names:
  • center star
  • barn star
  • sawtooth star
You see this form often in quilting. I think this form serves as a very relevant metaphor for the story we want to tell. For one it is a star. Stars are traditionally used as markers for reference. They can tell you where you are or guide you to other places. I like how this particular star has a folk tradition and the fact that it was used in quilts has more symbolic meaning for me. Quilting brought people together in a creative way.
Thanks Matt!

For the curious, I keep a changelog

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