Hi! This is an art project which uses your location. PitchPosts are conversations that you can view based entirely on where you are. When you press 'Allow using my location', your browser will ask for your permission, and then we will be able to show you nearby PitchPosts. (note: We do not record your location)

Hi - my name is Ben Parzybok. I'm a novelist and programmer. If you want to show your appreciation for PitchPost feel free to buy me a beer.

See a few of my other projects:

  • Levin of Earth - my own website, which has a biography-revealing game built into it.
  • Universal Deck - a tool to create a 'personal universal deck', a writing exercise / divination tool created by the poet Michael McClure.
  • CueDeck - an opinionated flashcard tool.
  • OneBreath.in - deep breath reminders (for desktop web browsers).
  • My novels Couch and Sherwood Nation

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