Hi! This is an art project which uses your location. PitchPosts are conversations that you can view based entirely on where you are. When you press 'Allow using my location', your browser will ask for your permission, and then we will be able to show you nearby PitchPosts. (note: We do not record your location)

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In order to use this app, we need your location.

If you are here, it means we had trouble.

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If that doesn't work, there are usually three options:

  1. You have disallowed this web browser to use location services or location services are off. See how to how to fix for iPhones or for Androids
  2. You denied this app access to your location — you may have to open up a private window in order to get the system to re-ask you your location. Otherwise, please see the settings articles above.
  3. Your device honestly can't get the location... you may be on a desktop computer, or in airplane mode, or some other issue. Sorry! All you might be able to do is try again.

Drop us a line, we're happy to help.

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