Hi! This is an art project which uses your location. PitchPosts are conversations that you can view based entirely on where you are. When you press 'Allow using my location', your browser will ask for your permission, and then we will be able to show you nearby PitchPosts. (note: We do not record your location)

Create a new PitchPost!

  1. First move to the location in which you wish to place your post. PitchPosts are anchored to a location.
  2. Create your PitchPost in the form below (you can edit it later).
  3. Leave a QR Code (for people to discover your post)
  4. Need the QR code template for stickers/signs?
    (You will need to register or login for us to send you the QR code template.)

A PitchPost can go most anywhere.

  • Park
  • Tourist site
  • Secret rendezvous
  • Neighborhood corner
  • Any telephone pole anywhere

Where not to put one:

  • A car, train, lightrail, airplane... that conversation will be forever lost!
  • If you are placing a sticker, please be respectful of private/property. Thanks!

To create and maintain your PitchPost, please first Register

Your location:

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