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PitchPost examples

Sometimes the best way to understand something is by example.

A forgotten landmark

In 1973 a new housing development went in and covered over a freshwater spring that people had used from time immmorial.

  • A PitchPost was created there - placed as a QR Code sticker on a telephone pole right over where the stream used to be located.
  • The PitchPost contains the history of that spring and the name of it, as well as any associated history.
  • A neighbor stops by, reads the PitchPost, and realizes that she has photos of that stream before it was covered, which she uploads to the PitchPost, creating a lasting, collective memory.

The bridge of lovers

Downtown, there's a bridge that lovers go to kiss. It's tradition to place a padlock on the bridge, symbolic of their bond.

  • A PitchPost is created there, so that if they wish, lovers can upload a photo of themselves or their thoughts.
  • Only others who come to the bridge, involved in the same ritual, can read & respond to it.

Secret instructions

  • Julie Anne decides to create a scavenger hunt using PitchPosts for her cousins.
  • She places five PitchPosts around her neighborhood with secret instructions buried in the comments.
  • The participants can only read the PitchPost if they come within the 'viewing radius'.

A civic project

There's an awful intersection close to where I live. Kids have to cross every day for school, but it's a fast, blind arterial, and cars race by without stopping.

  • We have been trying to get some kind of traffic control measure put in by the city for years.
  • Various neighbors have tried, but no one is really sure who has complained or worked on the project, and what the city has answered.
  • I put a 1km viewing radius PitchPost there at the intersection, so that we all can maintain a record of our fight to get the city involved, and inform each other of the progress.

A virtual poetry post

In front of your house, a PitchPost for poetry

  • Change the poem as often as you like.
  • Passers-by may respond if they like.

That bar you used to go to, before you moved away

You moved to NYC, but before you did, you made a PitchPost at your favorite bar where you were a regular.

  • Anytime someone is there, they can upload a photo, and you can see the fun times you're missing.
  • You can leave messages for anyone that happens along, to tell them how you used to dominate the pool table.

You run a bookstore

  • The PitchPost you created prompts people to add whatever book they're currently reading.
  • Over time, an incredible list of books is created, and curated by you.

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