Hi! This is an art project which uses your location. PitchPosts are conversations that you can view based entirely on where you are. When you press 'Allow using my location', your browser will ask for your permission, and then we will be able to show you nearby PitchPosts. (note: We do not record your location)




  • New: Ability to set a post as 'map discoverable' or not, so that posts can be accessed via link only
  • New: Each post generates its own unique QR code for linking

  • 2020-06-14


  • New: Video posts, and video comments!

  • 2020-05-17


  • Improved text on Create PitchPost
  • Improved text on PitchPost FAQ
  • Improved text on About PitchPost

  • 2020-05-15


  • Began slow conversion to a VueJS app
  • Changes:

  • Changed 'speaking radius' to 'viewing radius'
  • Improved text on 'create PitchPost' page

  • 2020-05-02


  • You can now edit your name/email address
  • Changes:

  • Rewrote instructions on 'new post' page
  • Tweaks to how the map locations you on new post page
  • Other small tweaks

  • 2020-04-29


  • Individual PitchPosts now have a map to help with discovery
  • Changes:

  • Updated about page & description, and contact page
  • The map range can be forced to expand, by changing the 'meters' variable to the end, eg: pi7.ch/map/100000

  • 2020-04-25


  • Better grouping or non group of markers on maps
  • Added 'new' to navigation for logged out users
  • Fixes:

  • You will no longer receive a comment notification if you made the comment.

  • 2020-04-23


  • Posts now use a 'slug' rather than an id number

  • 2020-04-21


  • Create post now shows spinner upon submit
  • Improved layout on comments
  • New default map zoom/radius of .5 km
  • Bug fixes

  • 2020-04-18


  • Created changelog
  • Logged in members may visit a PitchPost's conversation for 24 hours after being in the 'viewing radius'.
  • Much clearer information box as to why a PitchPost's discussion is viewable.

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