The QR code you (may have) used to get here is to a 'PitchPost'.

A PitchPost is a virtual post at latitude and longitude coordinates.

At a PitchPost, photos and comments can be shared. But if you leave the 'viewing radius' of the PitchPost, the conversation is hidden.


Say you have a 'Little Free Library' and you want to allow visitors to let you know what they've checked out. A PitchPost allows you to share a discussion with just your visitors.

Use a QR Code sticker to allow visitors to easily find your PitchPost.

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What's a PitchPost for? It can be:

  • A permanent record or photo for a specific location.
  • An observation about a place. The sky, trees, or the buildings around you.
  • A way to interact with strangers. in these odd times.
  • A layering of secrets and other information about a locale.

See the examples page for more ideas. Anyone can create a PitchPost, and a PitchPost can be placed at any stationary location. In your front yard, at a bus stop, in the middle of a concert hall. But only people within range of that PitchPost's viewing radius can participate in the discussion.

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