Hi! This is an art project which uses your location. PitchPosts are conversations that you can view based entirely on where you are. When you press 'Allow using my location', your browser will ask for your permission, and then we will be able to show you nearby PitchPosts. (note: We do not record your location)


The QR code you (may have) used to get here is to a 'PitchPost'.

A PitchPost is a virtual post at latitude and longitude coordinates.

At a PitchPost, photos and comments can be shared. But if you leave the 'viewing radius' of the PitchPost, the conversation is hidden.


Say you have a 'Little Free Library' and you want to allow visitors to let you know what they've checked out. A PitchPost allows you to share a discussion with just your visitors.

Use a QR Code sticker to allow visitors to easily find your PitchPost.

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What's a PitchPost for? It can be:

  • A permanent record or photo for a specific location.
  • An observation about a place. The sky, trees, or the buildings around you.
  • A way to interact with strangers. in these odd times.
  • A layering of secrets and other information about a locale.

See the examples page for more ideas. Anyone can create a PitchPost, and a PitchPost can be placed at any stationary location. In your front yard, at a bus stop, in the middle of a concert hall. But only people within range of that PitchPost's viewing radius can participate in the discussion.

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